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OCM are looking to go solar!


OCM Business Systems is seeking to install a PV system on the roof of its warehouse unit in Pershore, Worcs WR10 2JJ.

The building benefits from a single pitched roof with the ridge lining running east to west and which has aspects facing north and south.  Only the south-facing roof is expected to have panels on, has an area of approximately 490 m2 and lacks any skylights. There is only a single penetration on this aspect, on the eastern edge of the roof, and this is not expected to cause any significant shading issues. Leaving a 1m allowance to the roof edge as required under the building regulations, the usable roof space totals circa 380 m2.  A successfully proposed installation will need to be allowable under permitted development.  The total system size to be no greater than 65.36kWp.

Tenders will only be accepted from MSC accredited contractors.

The business is keen to support the local economy, and would like to have the majority of (ideally all) work completed by end March 2022.

Tenders will be assessed as follows:

Price (40%)
Ability to deliver in required timescale (20%)
Product quality (20%)
Contractor reputation (10%)
Local contractor (10%)

Closing date for tenders is Monday 7th February 2022.