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Removing your data concerns, forever.

Removing your data concerns, forever.

Do you know what information is on the old laptops your sales team handed in when they upgraded? No? Don’t worry, OCM will help you.

With over 35 years history in the ITAD industry OCM have the experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your old information isn’t just deleted it is erased permanently. It is important to securely erase all data from the hard drives and other storage devices. This will help to protect your privacy and prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

To make sure sensitive data is securely erased with no risk of recovery, OCM partners with Blancco and Certus, both of which are Common Criteria certified, which is an international standard governed by 31 countries including the UK through the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance. Both Blancco and Certus boast numerous other internationally recognised accreditations including NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue and ADISA.

Both solutions are optimised for the highest and most widely recognised data erasure standard, NIST 800-88r1 Purge and Clear. Although we do recommend to follow this standard, we do also offer data erasure according to the old HMG InfoSec Standard No. 5 standard.
Both products meet the highest security specifications, wiping all user addressable areas, as well as hidden areas, wear levelling areas, TPM chips, and resetting encryption keys. This guarantees that all data will be wiped and no data whatsoever can be recovered.
For more information please see https://www.ocmbiz.com/services/erase-destroy, E: sales@ocmbiz.com or call us 01386 555008